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ms lam

Ms. Michelana Lam, M.Ed., LTCL

Besides running a piano studio teaching students from early childhood to teachers’ levels, Michelana has been teaching in B.Ed. Programs, Diploma in Music Education programs and teachers’ education courses at SCE Baptist University since December 1994 and in CUSCS Chinese University of Hong Kong in recent years. The job nature involves supervising student dissertations, teaching specialized studies in music, pedagogy courses and also developing courses.

Her rationale to teaching is to help students develop not only a well-rounded musicianship with strong technical competence, but also unique personalities through a comprehensively artistic and humanity approach. She strives to help students learn how to learn, understand the world around us, observe, think, imagine, feel, love and express.

An ongoing event for the past 17 years for Michelana’s students is the Annual Student Piano Recital at the Lee Hysan Concert Hall at Chinese University with 30 to 45 performing participants for an audience of over 300.

Michelana has also been a music columnist at Extracurricular Digest.


Vice President


Ms. Ruby Cheng, M.A.Mus., B.Ed., ATCL


Ms. Aileen Ng, B.Com., LTCL


Ms. Lok Chi Lam, M.A., B.A.

Mr. Siu Ming Lam, MBA

Ms. Iris Ng, MBA, B.A.Mus., B.Com., ATCL

Mr. Jimmy Tam,. B.Sc., LTCL

Mr Wing Tai Tung, PhD Candidate, M.Phil., LTCL

Ms. Cindy Wong, LTCL, ATCL


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